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Some valuable tips and tricks I want to share with you to help you prepare for a stress free wedding morning!

BUTTON DRESSES - Bring a crochet hook! It will make light work for the hands that help dress you!  

LACE UP BODICE DRESSES - Allow at least 20mins to get laced into dresses, they can take longer than you think and if not done correctly can be uncomfortable to wear. Whoever you have dressing you, I strongly recommend that they attend a fitting with you to practice lacing so that when the day arrives you both feel less stressed by the process. 

TATTOOS - If you have tattoos that you would rather cover on your big day I recommend that you invest in a good tattoo cover makeup. I do not stock a full range of tattoo cover and foundation can sometimes transfer. Dermablend by VICHY is a personal favourite of mine to use.

STRAWS & SILK SCARF - Straws for after you have had that final lipstick touch up, silk scarf to save your makeup and dress if you have to pull it over your head!

LABELS & SHOE STICKERS - Remember to remove these the night before, it will save you a job in the morning.

DETAILS BOX - Photographers and videographers tend to arrive whilst you are sitting in my chair. They will want to take photos of your details, e.g shoes, rings, jewellery. Gather all these pieces together the night before and place them in a box ready. It saves rushing around in the morning to collect it all and avoids running the risk of leaving something important out that you would like captured!

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