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The day of your bridal makeup trial is approaching but, how are you supposed to prepare?


Here are my top tips to ensure that you have the best makeup trial experience so you can feel as prepared as possible for your appointment...

COME WITH A CLEAN FACE - Arrive at your trial wearing no makeup, do not use any new or aggressive products leading up to that day! This will ensure your skin is not irritated and is a clean canvas for the makeup. On the morning of the trial, do your normal morning skincare routine, as you would on the morning of your wedding.

WEAR WHITE (OR LIGHT COLOURS) - Most likely you will be wearing white, ivory or something similar on your wedding day, so it is helpful to wear the same to your trial. This will help ensure the colours in your clothing are not reflecting onto your face and bold colours or patterns will not throw off the hues of the makeup colours being used. 

HAIR AND TAN TRIALS - If you can, try to arrange your hair trial for the same day, that way you will get an overall insight into how your makeup will look alongside it. If you plan on being tanned on your wedding day, come to your trial with a tan! Try to do this 2-3 days before your makeup trial. This will give the tan time to settle and will also give you a better insight into how the makeup will look and sit on your skin for the wedding day!

BRING INSPIRATION -Pinterest is a great place to start. Whether you have no idea what you are looking for or you know exactly what you want, there is so much to look at! Create a bridal makeup board, save images you love and bring the board to your trial. You can also take a look through my Instagram page and save any past brides makeup styles you like the look of, just click the button below to follow and save!

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