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It is time to relax and enjoy the experience! I have a wealth of knowledge and I know first hand what wedding mornings can look like. In this piece I have highlighted my own personal do's and don'ts from the makeup artists perspective

DO - GIVE ME SOME SPACE - I come with a LOT of kit! Where possible please try and allocate an area for me. I will require a space near a window with a plug socket for a ring light and table space to lay out kit and brushes.

DON'T - STEAM OUTFITS - Steaming and makeup do not mix! My advice is if you need to steam try and do it the night before! 

DO - KEEP THAT FACE BARE - Let your bridal party know that they must be sitting in the makeup chair with a bare face! Cleansed, moisturised skin with a touch of lip balm is a great way to prepare before having makeup applied. Any makeup that needs to be removed can cause delays.

DON'T - UNDERESTIMATE PUNCTUALITY -  45mins for Bridesmaids and Mums. 60mins for Brides. Please try to ensure that your bridal party are aware of when they will be needed to sit in the makeup chair. I will always send out a schedule a month before your big day so you have plenty of time to arrange who will go where.

DO - REMEMBER - Your time in the makeup chair is a priority. Avoiding interruptions ensures that you achieve the best result and can take a moment for yourself.

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